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Today, on the web and off

Posted on: August 10, 2008

I’m on the web every day. I have been for over 20 years now. In the mid-90’s, I moved from New York City to Poland, where the wai for a phone line was five years, so if I had gotten one, it would have been of no use for contacting locals. To do that, you  went to their place and wrote a message on the wax tablet (the kind you  used to have as a kid’s toy that was wiped clean by raising the plastic cover sheet) hanging on their door if they weren’t home. Mobiles were just barely mobile, and would not have been economically practical for letting family and friends know I was still alive. And to top it off, before I had made any dent in learning the language, the partner I had arrived there with had hooked up with one of his students, so I dumped him. Alone in a strange land, I wrote and wrote and wrote to keep my sanity. And I’ve never stopped.

My interests, and thus the contents of my posts, are cyclical. They are likely to be consistent in general subjects, arts, politics, and a business start-up idea, but constantly changing in specifics. At present, the art in question is fabric painting, the politics are concentrated on Europe/US comparisons and the best arrangements for human individual well-being, and the business is an ultralocal slow fashion company.

If these things interest you, come and comment. I’m abandoning my website with the intention of substituting this blog, so I’ll be posting pictures, but not videos. And I’m not familiar yet, with WordPress, so I’ll be learning how to make this thing the best I can.


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Djcnor’s Weblog

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