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World Philosophy Day: Question 4

Posted on: November 20, 2008

4) I did not freely and responsibly decide to read this article.

Again. Not a question, a debate propostion.

Surprise! I agree, more or less. My loving husband sent me the link, thinking I might find it interesting, and I always read his links, because it matters to him that I do, and I like pleasing him, so I did.

Therefore, though I did freely and responsibly choose to read any and all links sent to me by my sweetheart, I cannot truly say that I freely and responsibly chose to read this particular linked article.

But, dang it, they had to go and complicate this one, too, with some smart alec named Fred who knew all the rules at the time of the Big Bang and predicted I’d read this. (A lot of good it did him!) I’ll tell you something I’ve observed over 57+ years. Sometimes, the powers that be have to work extraordinarily hard to bring together the things they do. Take my sweetie and me. You might say we were both early adopters of computer technology, the net in particular. In the very early days of net-based match-making, we each chose to put our profiles on two, probably the only two existing. He saw mine on one and wrote me. I saw his on the other and wrote him. It was pretty confusing until we figured out that we were conducting two conversations with the same stranger. Consider the chances of that, if you will.

Poor Fred was born too soon. Considering the whole story, I’d rather be the predicted than the predictor, so I’m not bothered in the least.


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