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A Rant on UK job applications

Posted on: November 30, 2008

You never know what I’ll be writing about next in this blog.

I’ve been working on job hunting again. The application I’m working on now is for a lower level part time job at the local library. SO WHY IN HEAVENS NAME IS THE APPLICATION PACK THAT YOU DOWNLOAD 23 (!$&*#~@^%) (no, that is not a link) PAGES!!!!


it’s not the only one. it seems like every single job requires that you download an application that requires filling in a whole lot more information than you would ever put in a CV or resume. In fact, all advice regarding CVs and resumes tells you that if you put that much information into it, it would go straight into the waste basket!

Excuse me, but how does having a mile long application ensure that you get the best candidates for the job?

Is it just institutions like universities and councils and corporations that do this? Is it because they really don’t want any applications in the first place, because they already know who they’re going to hire, but they’re required by law to advertise anyhow.

When I was in college and looking for a waitress job, someone clued me in. If you walk into a place and say you’re looking for a job as a waitress and they give you an application to fill out, take it politely, walk out, and put it in the first garbage can you pass. If they’re interested, they’ll ask you what they want to know and hire you on the spot. Later, when I had such a job, I saw exactly that happen. I saw folks sit down and work for an hour on that application and I wanted so bad to tell them not to bother.

I would love to hear from an HR person or employer attempting to justify these huge applications.


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