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No Big New News IS Good News?

Posted on: December 10, 2008

It seems to me that the news this week is repetitive. The same old bad things are happening, more and more of them. More bombings. More people losing their jobs. More people being foreclosed. More riots. More epidemics. More corrupt politicians.

I may be suffering from news overload. Or maybe I’m shutting it all out because I’m presently job hunting myself . Or maybe I’m counting my blessings that I and mine are not being bombed, are not living where rioting is going on, have not lost our jobs other than voluntarily, are not sick and without medical care (so far as I know), have not be foreclosed on. I definitely should be.

The pessimist in me, definitely the smaller part, is waiting for things to get really bad in the places where the huge majority still have all the necessities. Or is that true of almost everywhere? The news, as we know, concentrates on the horrors of the world. As it should. Because how are we to be called to action on the big problems otherwise?

That pessimist just does not understand why those who are without for so long when others have so much put up with it. That pessimist thinks it is only a matter of time before they run out of patience and that time is running short.

The optimist in me thinks I will get a job very soon, a job that actually fits my qualifications, just because it makes so little sense for the knowledge of three separate careers that I have accumulated to go to waste.

In any case, while I have all the essentials, life is good.


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