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Thank You, Muntazer al-Zaidi!!!!!!!

Posted on: December 14, 2008

If you don’t know who that is, google the name and take a moment to view the video. It’s FABULOUS!

Throwing shoes is the ultimate insult in that culture.



24 Responses to "Thank You, Muntazer al-Zaidi!!!!!!!"

Grazie Muntazer al-Zaidi

thank you and god bless you Muntazer!

I certainly hope you are not an American. A true American would find the assault on a sitting president repulsive regardless of party. If you’re an American go live in another country. If you’re not an American, I am so glad. Either way just be thankful that we have soldiers who will fight for your freedom to make ignorant comments.

I am an American. I’m an American who grew so disgusted with the path America was taking after Bush was allowed to steal a second election that I left. It is one thing to lose confidence in your government. It is quite another much sadder thing to lose confidence in your fellow citizens.

Apparently, I did my fellow citizens a bit of an injustice. In the end, they did realize how extreme the consequences of allowing this had been. In the end, they chose an intelligent man to attempt to repair the damage.

As someone said, America always does the right thing….after it has tried everything else.

A true American rejoices in the expression of free speech in an essentially non-violent manner. Throwing shoes is definitely non-violent in my opinion, since it threatens very little bodily harm.

I did go and live in another country. If America developed the habit of the gap year and every American had the opportunity to live in another country for an extended time, the US would be a better country for it.

Now that Obama will be President, though, I feel a lot better about coming back to the US.

Thank you for commenting in any case.

What on Earth is wrong with you??!! Since WHEN is it okay to throw things at someone? Particularly the President of the United States?

Freedom of speech doesn’t mean the freedom to assault. What do you think would have happened to this clown if he’d thrown his shoes at Saddam Hussein?

He ought to thank Allah that he HAS the right to free speech in Iraq, and then he ought to thank George Bush for ensuring that his right is respected.

Since when? Since it OK to steal elections! Since it is OK to allow a total incompetent to hold that office so long that he manages to nearly bring down the economies of the entire world! That’s since when.

What good is free speech if it is restricted to “appropriate” times. I would agree with you if the reporter had done something that actually threatened the life of George Bush. He did not.

He simply expressed the free speech now existing in Iraq only for him and his fellow journalists in a way totally understandable to a greater proportion of those in the world than saying it in English would have done. The people on the streets of Iraq aren’t even given a chance to communicate to Bush what they feel.

He thanked us for our gift of free speech in the most appropriate way, by using it to the maximum. How I wish Americans had don the same over the last 8 years.

I am so glad, that Obama will be the next President of the U.S. Living in Denmark with rights (free hospitals,doctors,help if you have no job,are old etc) I am looking forward for a better future for all, also Americans. Not only big cars over there, also smiling mothers and fathers, who can pay their bills!
The shoe on Bush? I understand a person, who express the feeling of the widow in Iraq. Please find a way to get rid of Sadam and other persons, who are bad for all of us. No more wars.Make small cars and remote everything bad on this planet. Use the sun for energy. Stick together! I think, Obama will do this.
Gunhild from Denmark

Thanks for your comment. I lived in Denmark (Copenhagen) for three months and found the way that society is arranged there quite a revelation. So many things just made so much sense. I was especially impressed by the way they were dealing with taking in an extraordinary amount of refugees from the Bosnian war at that time. They had put together refugee Muslim women, who had tons of textile skills, with Danish designers to establish a line of clothing that would fulfil Muslim requirements and fit in with the general Danish way of dress, thus putting the refugees in daily contact with Danes, encouraging them to develop Danish language skills, providing them with work and an income, creating a new business, and helping them to maintain their cultural standards while helping them to blend in more with Danes, and developing them as a market for the new company. I never saw so much progress being made with a single government-sponsored program. Absolutely brilliant!

I also love Obama’s international experience, which I hope will inform the changes he proposes (the ones you suggest among others) to the US.

Wonderful !
My sincere best wishes to Muntazer al-Zaidi !
The man is a hero to the world !
The Iraqui president should offer him a post in his Cabinet.

Muntazer al-Zaidi,

Please let me know if you need more shoes… I’ve even got steel-capped boots.

Good luck to you and your people

Ok. That one made me chuckle. Thanks for your comment.

Too bad you did not have three shoes, or four, to throw.

thank you, thank you, thank you from an American for giving the world your insight into the war zone level of pain and suffering.

Bush needs shoes. he also needs cloths, he is naked.


Some of you are a bunch of simpleton assholes. How long do you harp on the “stolen” election, even after all votes were counted you still lost in 2000 and 2004. Perhaps math class was a little too challenging for you. You also demonstrate you immaturity in your approach to this act of disrespect, for anyone, let alone the President of the US. You show that often preached about famous “tolerance” of those on the left, what a bunch of bunk. Given too much power and the chance to use it, you all might give Stalin a run for his money.

And some of us aren’t. I, for example, have a science Ph.D. not that you are likely to be a valuer of education. Both the 2000 and 2004 elections were stolen. That is fact. Greg Palast, an award-winning journalist with a spotless reputation for accuracy, clearly documented the stealing of the 2000 election in his book The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. The documentation of the stealing of the 2004 election is more extensive (not only Palast, but Harpers, and Rolling Stone, among others) and is statistical. Do you believe DNA evidence is conclusive. Then you must believe that the 2004 election was stolen, because the statistical evidence shows that the likelihood of it not having been stolen is as small as the likelihood of the wrong person being identified by DNA evidence. Sorry, that’s just the truth and no amount of insults will change it.
Gee, we liberals are so tolerant we are willing to allow a journalist from a land we had no business invading in the first place insult our President in a non-violent but effective manner. Too bad that Americans such as you do not understand that such free speech is exactly why you guy say we had to invade. Who’s tolerant again? Please untangle your logic.
Given enough power, we might just make the US the equivalent of nations in Europe with much smaller budgets. You’ll be surprised how good a quality of life is possible when a government makes sensible decisions, and you;ll benefit even as you scream about it.

Let me see, statistically significant studies from rolling stone magazine. I too am a natural scientist (mathematician). Rolling Stone magazine is not where I would go for credible statistical studies. Freedom of speech is not freedom to assault.

Oh come on. That reply is weak. You know very well that the authors of the Rolling Stone articles used statistics gathered by reputable statisticians. If you really want to continue this, I’ll have the easier side of it, since I had an online duel on this subject very recently and can easily pull up all the references. You might want to reconsider.

Throwing a couple of shoes at someone is not an assault, especially in a culture where it is an established method of insult.

O povo Rubro Negro do BraziL

Parabeniza o Sr. Muntazer al-Zaidi !

Bush gooo home !!!


I’m not sure of all that you said, but I sure understand the last part. Only, PLEASE! We’ve had the “honour” of his presense for nearly 8 years already! Can’t somebody take him off our hands now? I say, Bush, don’t bother coming home!

Thanks you so much Muntazer al-Zaidi! Too bad Dubya was loaded on coke and had superhuman reflexes… Good luck next time! Me? I’d have used a spear…

No. I still think the shoes are better because of what happens afterwards. I mean, what are they going to do? Ban all Middle Easterns journalists? or demand all journalists remove their shoes to approach him? or what? Imagine, for example if he arrived home and found the fence around the White House festooned with every type of pairs of shoes in existence. I have a dream……

Anyone who seriously thinks the 2000 election was stolen is delusional. It was ABOUT to be stolen, until the Supreme Court stepped in.

Anyone who seriously thinks the 2004 election was stolen is seriously delusional. That election wasn’t even close. John Kerry was a horrible candidate, the very definition of pompous incompetence.

Are we supposed to think the 2008 election was stolen, too? Certainly it was purchased, right? By the candidate who pledged to abide by public financing… until he realized that would stifle the ability to take fraudulent contributions over the Internet. You know, the guy who deliberately turned off address verification on his credit card donations?

I think all of this Bush bashing is just so much liberal projection. If you believe in freedom of speech, then you must support it even for people you hate… like Bush. Would it be okay if the Secret Service beat the crap out of the shoe thrower? You know, don’t you, that Bush waved off the Secret Service, making a joke out of the situation.

Here’s what Bush bashers don’t get: he is the president. Just as Obama is the president… my president… even though I didn’t vote for him. And, I will be deeply offended if some dickweed throws shoes at my president, whether it’s President Obama or President Bush. Bush represents my country, and my country has done great things for Iraq, including giving the people of that country the ability to exercise their rights for the first time in their miserable history. George W Bush is the sole reason this jerk has the freedom to act like a jerk without being tortured and killed for it.

Reply to jcg:
Actually, anyone who thinks the 2000 and 2004 elections were not stolen is in denial. As I told another poster, I have the full references readily available to prove this position. Do you have yours?

And, no, the 2008 election was not stolen, though the same folks who did it before tried very hard.

I believe in freedon of speech strongly enough to know that the the Presidency is not harmed by having a usurper of the office pelted with shoes. Are you aware that Iraqis are even now protesting in the street the fact that Mr. Al Zaidi is presently imprisoned for daring to use the freedom of speech Bush supposedly thinks so highly of? Some joke. It is shameful that he is being held.

George Bush is an ursurper. He has never been the legitimate holder of the office and the whole world knows it. He could get away with it if he’d been competent, but he has been horribly incompetent, so he can’t.

As for yoursef, consider yourself shoed.

For the people who felt as good as i did when i saw Bush being humiliated on TV in Baghdad December 14 ,2008 .And to everyone who felt as proud as I was of the man who risked his life to tell the world how the IRAQIs really feel about BUSH !!! go free zaidi

Lo Felicito SeƱor Muntazer al-Zaidi por su Zapataso a Bush.

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