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Wow! I got SO lucky.

Posted on: December 15, 2008

I just want to thank all the people that have visited my blog in the last few days. I’ve had a couple of extraordinary pieces of luck that, over about four days total, led to the number of views increasing by some 2000%!  I expect it to be temporary, assuming my luck cannot continue down this path, but it sure is a great way to learn a lot more about blogging.

What did I do to have this happen? Well, for the first one, I don’t know. All I know is that suddenly there were vistors coming in from a site  I’d never heard of called

Naturally, I checked the site out. As I understand it, it’s a site that does a kind of slide show of the tops of  newly updated blogs that you can go to if that small taste attracts you. Further investigations, mostly consisting of trying to find out what was said about the site on the web, led to a few more bits of information which may or may not be accurate. If they are, the way for a blog to end up on their slide show is to mention the site. (I’d never done that, so I don’t know how I got on it the first time. Consider this post partly an experiment to see if that piece of information is true.) Another bit of “information” says that making a “donation” to the site results in your blog appearing a much larger percentage than before on the slideshow. That, I won’t do. If I do accumulate readership, I want it to be because of what I write, or the quality of discussion in the comments.

The second thing I did was to have TV on in the background as I did my freelance writing and job applications I’ve been working on. To my shame, it was on FOX. But somehow I got past that shame to realize that the new news item about Bush being pelted by shoes was a hoot that I wanted to share. I also wanted to give the person who threw the shoes full credit for it. So I hunted around for a news story that identified the shoe-thrower and gave him top billing in the title of my posting. Up the posting went in about 5 minutes, and the views started pouring in. This time, they came from searches of Muntazer Al-Zaidi’s name. I was #3 on the first page of Google on that search!

I hereby resolve to forego using his name as a tag for this post!

I got comments! I had to learn how to properly handle them and reply to them, and I tried to let the commenters know they’d been replied to.

I got a ping back. (OK, that was as a result of another post, but still a part of the string of blog luck.) More on that later. I didn’t know what the heck a ping back was!  It turns out that that it refers to a place where a poll is being taken about when brand loyalty is warranted. Excellent! I had already had the idea of adding such a poll to my post (the one just before the shoe-throwing post), but you have to be an advanced user of WordPress for that, and I don’t feel ready yet.

So here, if you’d like to vote on when brand loyalty is warranted, or see what other folks thought, is the link for that.

I hope I did all this right. If I didn’t, feel free to correct my blog practise. I’m very much enjoying this.

<edit> Apparently, that wasn’t a poll on when brand loyalty is warranted. Now I’m confused. I’ll report back when I’ve figured this out (or someone has clued me in).


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