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Israel and Hamas

Posted on: December 27, 2008

I want anyone reading this post to note that I am not talking about Israel and

The Paliestinians

I said Israel and Hamas.

Thsi is important because I understand that ordinary Gaza Palestinians are suffering. I hate it that people who have had nothing whatever to do with any attacks on Israel are living restricted lives. I don’t think it works to Israel’s advantage for them to collectively punish all Gaza’s residents for the acts of Hamas, but given that Hamas is raining rockets on Israel, I can definitely understand that Israel must control what passes over the borders of Gaza in order to not have more missiles fired at them and more damaging weapons used. I also understand that without the controls of what passes into Israel from outside, there would be more suicide bombings and such.

From what I understand, of the 155 (last I heard) killed in the recent attacks by Israel, 140 were Hamas security forces, the very people responsible for the attacks. I haven’t heard the numbers for those injured.

Of course, even the death or injury of one civilian is a tragedy. But that is true for Israelis as well as for Palestinians. And in Hamas’s attacks on Israel, rockets or suicide attacks, nearly all the victims are civilians.

I don’t know what the answer is. I just know that an Israeli life is as valuable as a Palestinian one, and vice versa.


2 Responses to "Israel and Hamas"

Finally, a rational and objective perspective!

Thank you. Of course, the numbers have changed since I wrote the post, so by now, the proportion of civilians harmed may have changed. I admit that I don’t fully trust Hamas to be honest in their accounting, and of course, Israel is not in a position to be entirely accurate in their accounting. Also, it is important to separate Israelis from Israel’s government as well as Palestinians from theirs. I wonder what polls of Israelis about the prevention of basic supplies coming across to the Palestinians and of the restrictions of crossings that have resulted in deaths due to delayed medical care would be. Historically, has there been a case of a suicide bomber entering Israel under the ruse of a medical emergency or a case in which weapons crossed into Gaza as a part of a shipment of humanitarian supplies through one of the major charity organizations?

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