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Jobhunting #1

Posted on: January 15, 2009

Not that I’m finished with the Obama’s Choices series. It could go on long past his inauguration, and let me say that if I were anywhere near a Krispy Kreme donut place, I would be in the door ten times a day saying “Yes We Can!” and not because I love donuts. There are no real donut places in my English town. Makes me want to do a Homer “Mmm! Donuts!”. I’m definitely adding donuts to my list of things I will be glad to have easy access to in the US.

I would gladly work in a donut place. (How’s that for a segway.) At 58, I made my first application for unemployment benefits (job seeker’s allowance they call it here). I’m feeling some pretty fierce resentment that it should be necessary for someone with a Ph.D. as well as experience in two other fields to do that. It may or may not be egotistical (Hubby says it isn’t.) but I think that means there’s something wrong with the employers in this area rather than something wrong with me.

I wouldn’t think that if I hadn’t been making a good solid effort to get a job and been willing to take any number of things. I’d gladly work in a bookstore or a library, or be a lab tech, or teach (but that would require going back to school for a year, never mind that I’ve tutored a good number of students here). I’d gladly do any kind of writing or editing or designing. Anything having to do with textiles, including such things as sewing curtains and working retail in a fabric or yarn shop I’d gladly do, and I’ve applied for many such jobs. I’m very willing and still very able, thank you, to learn new things. In fact, since I’ve been here, I’ve learned to build a website, I’ve learned Illustrator on my own, and I’m presently learning to do the kind of fine handwork used for London-style tailoring and couture dressmaking.

I guess where I’ve gone wrong is in not doing enough socializing. Friends I thought I’d made here have been short-lived. I don’t drink at all, and that’s a big impedence to social life as is not having a car in an area where the buses only run once an hour after 6:30, so any social activity entails a taxi ride or a long wait. I don’t have the UK references and networks that would help a lot.

I’ve never been great at interviewing. I’ve never really needed to be. The quality of my skills has spoken for itself. But here, I can’t seem to even get to an interview. Some of it has to do with the miserable economy of course, but it hasn’t always been that way while I’ve been here. I’ve been willing to pay my immigrant dues, working a job below my qualifications, but I haven’t gotten that chance much.

Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just really frustrated this evening and need to let out some of my feelings in hopes that I don’t show them when I get up bright and early and start working my way down the list I’ve made for tomorrow.

Since this whole jobhunting bit may take a while, and since I now have to put all primary efforts into this (and less into developing my writing, as dependable income is needed), there may be more of these, thus the #1, though I may have mentioned this before. I’m sure I won’t be the only blogger writing about this. Maybe we should all get together and form a zine in our spare time, huh?


2 Responses to "Jobhunting #1"

i guess i don’t have to tell you that it’s tough all over and we’re all feeling this… those with jobs are afraid to do anything that jeopardizes them, and those without are running into the same stony walls that you are. intellectually, i know it’s a mistake to pin so much hope on one man, but i have to admit that obama makes me hopeful for a future very different than the past eight years. and since i believe one man was largely responsible for the mess we’re in (the economic policies that made this recession possible), why can’t one man pull us out of it?

january 20th can’t come soon enough.

hang in there.

I do know that. And I do hope that Obama has good effects even on my job hunt in England. I’ll take positive effects from wherever I can get them. I’ve also decided that evident people skills are what is most lacking in my background. I don’t like being supervised, nor do I like supervising, which I guess looks as if I never showed enough merit to be put into a supervisory position (aside from the lab I headed once). So I’m targeting survival jobs that will give me plenty of contact with the public. I’m hanging. And thanks for your comment.

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