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It’s Time Again for Homesteading in the US

Posted on: January 16, 2009

When I was young, there were areas in the big cities of the US that had been essentially abandonned. In some cities, these areas were revitalized by homesteading programs in which people took over the buildings having made a commitment to invest both sweat and money into their rehabilitation. I think it’s time for such efforts again.

Here’s my proposal. Any bank that accepts money from the bail-out program must agree to release 50% of any buildings they foreclose on to my homesteading program. Homesteaders should be organized into Grameen Bank-type support groups geographically so that as a group, they can buy the materials they need at  wholesale prices. Assuming that they would not do all the rehabilitation work themselves, the labor should be drawn from a pool of local unemployed willing to sign up for CETA-like training programs specializing in alternative energy and energy conservation alterations, double glazing, solar panels, windmills, etc. etc. etc. The types of small businesses that make an area more than a bedroom community, that help folks save on transportation costs should be included in homestead groups. And of course, there shoud be community centers with rooms for all kinds of gatherings.

That’s a start. Add to my idea, why don’t you.


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