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Remember Bush’s First Inauguration? (Giggle)

Posted on: January 17, 2009

Surely it has to hurt. Bush appears to be totally oblivious to how miserably he failed as a President, judging by his self-justifying speeches over the last week. It’s obvious he finds empathy impossible and and that, whatever happens, it’s all about “me! me! me!” as far as he’s concerned. But given that, you just know he has to be feeling the contrast between his inaugurations and Obama’s in a very personal way.

Do you remember the extraordinary effort made to prevent people from coming to protest meaningfully against it? But the people came anyway. Do you remember all the ways they found to get around the restrictions and somehow voice their objections? Do you remember the Presidential Limousine, in the end, making a run for the White House pelted with eggs and vegetables? In case you’ve forgotten, here are two videos:

See “Not My President “1 and 2 at the bottom.

And his second wasn’t much better. The only reason it was any better was how tightly Washington had been locked down.

In contrast we have the whole world celebrating in anticipation of the Obama Presidency. We have a triumphant train trip planned to give the people the opportunity to show their enthusiasm. We have joy!

Considering the present economic situationand how thoroughly despoiled the US’s reputation is in the world, how amazing is it that the whole world rejoices in the Obama inauguration!

I would love to see all kinds of media attention contrasting the two, just to rub the salt in so well into Bush’s skin that he can’t keep that smirk on his face for the burning.

Here’s one place you can go to savor just a bit of the contrast, if that suits you.–But-Not-Controversy-Free.html

IT HAS TO HURT!  It should.


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