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Judgement by what you build

Posted on: January 21, 2009

I absolutely loved the part in Obama’s speech in which he talked about being judged by what you build rather than by what you destroy. There are so many applications for that, aside for the idea that the US use that as a guide for its own actions.

I wondered if it was perhaps a message to Israel. Surely it would be cheaper to spend the same amount helping the Gazans and the West Bankers to build the kind of infrastructure that Israel has built from the desert, to compete with Hamas and the other charity/terrorists for the hearts of their people, giving without requiring the lives of their sons in exchange.

It could be a message to Wall Street. So much money has been made by acquiring decently operating companies, tearing them to pieces and selling off the choice parts, putting people out of work in the process. So much money has been made by selling short, betting on businesses going down rather than up.

It could be a message to inner city youth, suggesting a positive alternative to vandalism and graffiti used to get “known”.

Just one little piece of the speech that has stuck. There were more. Lord, I love having a President who can rub two words together and produce a spark or two.


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