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The “Pink” CV

Posted on: January 21, 2009

I mentioned having a version of my CV called the “Pink” CV. That does not mean that I print it on pink paper so it can benoticed and be picked out as a woman’s CV. It’s called the “Pink” CV because I based it on Daniel H. Pink’s book A Whole New Mind.

In his book, now several years old, Daniel Pink says that only in the last 60  years has the function of the right side of our brain begun to be recognized in its usefulness. The last century has valued almost exclusively left-brain thinking, logical and serial and devoted to details. However, many of the things that the left brain does can now be farmed out either to the Far East, where it can be done much cheaper, or to computers so mechanized that no left-brain talents are needed to get the right results.

He lists six right-brain talents that cannot be farmed out, that he says will be in great demand by employers instead of the old left-brain ones. He calls these Design (the ability to make a product comfortable and pleasant for human use), Story (the ability to add a conversation piece to a product, a narrative that makes it more interesting and understandable and attractive to humans), Symphony (the ability to put very different things, even things that would not be expected to be linked in any way, together in unexpected and useful ways and bring them into harmony with each other), Empathy (the ability to really understand and demonstrate an understanding of the people who must be dealt with to achieve a goal), Play (the ability to make things fun and enjoyable and to envision real-life uses for fun things. The Compare the Meerkat ad might be a good example.), and Meaning (the ability to communicate all these possibilities in ways that invite other humans to engage and invest interest in them).

I think he’s right that these things have gone missing from the way businesses operate and that the results have not been good. I think he’s right that recognition of the value of these skills will result in much higher rates of job satisfaction and employer satisfaction with their employees.

So I tried to write a CV specifically tuned to what I have to offer in those areas in hopes of coming upon an enlightened employer, perhaps one who has read Pink’s book and thought about it as I have.

But I haven’t gotten any response from it yet. Would anyone who knows CV writing care to take a look at it and see what they think?


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