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Jobhunting #3 Commitment

Posted on: January 24, 2009

I’ve got my first interview scheduled and about five other reasonably hot prospects and as many written applications to fill out. I’m feeling more positive about my prospects, however bad the economy. And there was an article in the Guardian about all the things that more successful jobhunters do, and I do all of them that I can. OK I confess. I don’t twitter.

But what is on my mind at the moment is commitment. It’s a funny thing. I’ve always had something that I did that didn’t really make much money that I had more commitment to than whatever I was doing that paid the rent. That’s why I got my degree in textile design and went into it, to bring those things into sync. And then when I finally got a full time textile design job, it hardly involved my most favorite parts of the role at all. I love the process of originating the designs. So I really didn’t commit as thoroughly to that job as I would have if it had included more of my favorite part.

Obviously, I’ve had trouble commiting to a job that I felt was somehow less than my ideal. Now, I find myself in a city where there are absolutely no jobs that would fit my ideal. I find myself telling agencies that I am very open to any jobs at all because I don’t know of any jobs in the area that I really want a lot. The “wisdom” out there  says I should be able to answer clearly the question of what kind of job I want, but I can’t, because lately I’m not sure I know the answer to that question. Perhaps that’s because I want a job that doesn’t require that I commit to it.

Then I went to my Toastmasters meeting:

(Actually, that’s not my meeting. I think it’s the national site.)

I’m really enjoying it. I always hear thing that get me thinking. This week a man talked about how he managed to get himself to go beyond his comfort zone and really do the things he needed to do in order to begin to become a professional speaker, and though he didn’t use the word, he was talking about commitment. About going out there to audition for a gig when he had no experience to offer. About charging on through when things weren’t going well.

I have any number of things that I feel I would like to have more commitment to. One is actually doing fiber art pieces because I enjoy doing them and not because they have prospects that I know of for sales or are of some practical use. One is actually following though with article proposals which may or may not be accepted. And strangely enough, one is actually commiting to whatever kind of work I eventually manage to take on, even at the interview stage, just to see what difference that might make in my work experiences. I’ve always been the one sneaking a few minutes on the web because, I say, otherwise the job would bore me to death, or I need a break. Well, perhaps more than a few, as many as I can get away with and get the job done in a reasonable manner. Not an excellent manner, just a reasonable manner. I’ve always been out the door to my other interests on the dot. No overtime for me unless totally inescapable. No late nights if I can help it.

Would it make a difference at 58 if I did otherwise at this point? Can I actually even do it after a lifetime of doing otherwise?


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