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Jobhunting #70,000! (Actually, #4)

Posted on: January 26, 2009

70,000 jobs lost in one week in the UK and the US. (Wonder how much of that was each country?)  Why do I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle and might be better off by paying for the transformer that will make my US sewing machine usable over here in a clothing repair and alteration business?

I have made some progress, though. I’ve got a second interview (which will actually happen before the “first”, but almost certainly won’t result in a job any sooner. This one’s for a job as a teacher’s aid or some such because my Ph.D. is not good enough for teaching high school. In addition, to have a job that involves any contact at all with children, I have to pass an “Enhanced Criminal Record Bureau check” which will cost me about £40. All this at a time when there are stories in the papers about how they are begging for science and math teachers and I have been tutoring kids from the best schools in town. All are agreed that it doesn’t make sense, and all but me are resigned to it remaining that way.

There’s one thing I don’t like much about the English.  They are quite vocal about some of the things about their country that don’t make sense, but they don’t demand any changes. A good number of them seem to have given up any idea of making the government do their will. They have no personal opinions on which way is the best, conservative or liberal. However, you could say that they vote a straight ticket, against whichever party is in at the moment.

I just got off the phone with someone who would like to learn one of my antequated skills, hand embroidery. It reminded me of how I had found that hand embroidery was a rare skill in the area of textile design. There were houses that were willing to take me on as a freelancer when I first got to England, just as they had in New York when I first got out of school. Perhaps I should try again to market those skills.

I’m rambling, I know. And nobody really wants to read these jobhunting blogs, but the news today set me off. One last thing. I finally found a business I want to target in a speculative application. It’s a product design business, which fits nicely with my science/publishing/design background, don’t you think?


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