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Jobhunting #5 Age

Posted on: January 28, 2009

Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis is probably already tired of hearing about my job hunt. No more so than me. I must get very very tired of the whole process at least five times a day, mostly because of the huge long applications.

The one I’m in the process of filling out now is…….16………..16!………SIXTEE N!!!!!  &^%$* pages.

Granted, about half of those are things I have to sign off on. All the medical problems I have never had. All the discipline problems I have never had. All the crimes I have never committed. All the information I am willing to turn over to whoever requires it (because my only other choice is to not have a chance at this job). And so on. And so on. And so on.

Then there’s the sections where they demand that you list all the employment you have ever had since leaving school and account for every period of time you spent unemployed. I am slowly forming the opinion that such demands are a subtle kind of age discrimination.

I’m rather lucky. I didn’t finish graduate school until I was 30, so I’ve only got 28 years of employment and non-employment to account for. Heaven help the person who left school at 16.

I also should be thankful that when I was in between major jobs, I signed up with and worked for temp agencies. Otherwise, each of these periods might require 5 or more separate entries.

However, I balance that out by having spent considerable time as a freelancer, and what’s worse, a freelancer in several different areas. As a copyeditor and proofreader, I must have worked for at least 5 different publishers for individual books. As a freelance textile designer, I had even more employers and way way way more different duties. And then there were the times when I made my living by making things and selling them at craft fairs. If they really think I’m going to include all of those………..Well, I’m not.

Many times, these things overlapped. I had a part-time job, and freelanced as an editor and as a textile designer all at once. That’s the truth of the matter. But try to fit that into their neat little boxes.

It could be worse. I’ve known people that lived much more interesting lives than mine. I can see that after a given amount of time, filling out the applications for a regular job can get so onerous that it’s no wonder folks once started on such a meandering path continue on down it. Because it’s easier than filling out the danged applications!

On the other hand, in addition to the 16 page application form, I must submit a CV. More age discrimination, because the longer application forms get, the shorter they want CV’s to be! A well-lived working life does not fit on a one-age CV. In my case, I now have 14 up-to-date CV’s in my CV file, each one fine tuned for a different type of job.

None of which I can seem to get. ARRGH!


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