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About Daschle’s withdrawal

Posted on: February 3, 2009

Americans are hypocrits. For eight long years, they have tolerated endless corruption and pure self interest from themselves and their politicians. Suddenly, they appear to have woken up, though if things had continued to go well economically, they would not have. So what do they do? They swing right back to demanding perfection of their politicians.

Don’t they remember exchanging an excellent President for a miserable one due to their intolerance of low level very human faults?

What Europeans know and take into account as a matter of course is: Politicians are as human as the rest of us. They are no more perfect than we are. Nor should they be. Why? Imagine a person who has gotten to the age required to be a candidate for political office without making an major mistakes. That person has not lived. If we choose to have that person involved in our government, why should we be surprised that he lacks empathy for the human failings of the rest of us?

We need politicians that are the best candidates for the job at hand. If their human failings have little relevance to the quality with which they are likely to do the job they are a candidate for, then those failings are irrelevant to whether they should have that position or not.

That’s my opinion, and I’d be very happy to debate it.


2 Responses to "About Daschle’s withdrawal"

Totally agree. Good blog! Great way to put it!

Thanks. If only there were a lot more of us.

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Djcnor’s Weblog

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