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Posted on: February 3, 2009

Look America. We finally voted in a smart guy, a guy who thinks things through, who considers more than the immediate consequences of an action. He immediately started to act just as he said he would.


His plan puts money into the economy at points where it will go right through the first hands it goes into, but then goes through another pair of hands and another and another over a period of time, thus multiplying the effect of the money.

It makes no sense to cut the things that have been cut. YES! Spend money on helping people quit smoking. Don’t you realize that such spending pays of both long term and short term in reduction of health costs, in saving all those hours of work smokers lose, in saving the money spent supporting families that lose their head of household to smoking, in reducing the smoking population in the US. And so on and so on and so on.

YES! Spend money on research into sexually transmitted diseases. All the same things as above apply!

He’s smart! You know that thing about a woman having to be twice as good to go as far? It’s true of blacks as well. A black guy who goes so far as to become President of the US has to have beeen so good we got really lucky to have raised such a man in the US.

TRUST HIM! At least for two years! 10 days is rediculous.

I’ve been watching FOX, and if what FOX is saying about American support for Obama’s economic recovery plan is true, then maybe my apology to Americans was premature. Maybe they are as thoroughly stupid as I thought they were when they let Bush take office a second time. Maybe they just had a a brief moment of lucidity, or a brief hallucination in which they imagined that everything could be fixed in ten days or less.

I was ready to come back to the US. Looking at the efforts to cut holes into Obama’s economic stimulus plan without even trying the thing, I despair again. Please tell me FOX is nuts and desperate and not right at all.



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Djcnor’s Weblog

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