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Take the Kid Gloves Off, Obama

Posted on: February 5, 2009

The same folks that brought you the Bush Presidency with all it horrors have, to my mind, already taken off their jackets and are spoiling for a fist fight.


Enough of conciliation. They’ll have none of it. They’ve made that clear. They have no intention of cooperating to fix all the things that Bush broke. They have every intention of obstructing you at every turn.

I agree entirely with a comment on my blog that said you should tell those nominees of yours that were excellent choices, never mind their lack of absolute faultlessness, to get right back to Washington and dare the Republicans to block their appointments. Show them for what they are, the kind of nitpickers that will demand perfection of others but have no intention of displaying it themselves. There are millions of us out here who want the right people for the job, whether or not they have small failings in parts of their lives that have nothing to do with that job.

Prosecute Bush and his crowd. They deserve it. It’s justice. It’s really the only way to put the lie they’re telling about you, that you appointees are as corrupt as Bush’s, to rest.

And if it comes down to it. Threaten to resign and put the whole mess back in their laps. Believe me, the American people will not let that happen.


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