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Eliminations and Reductions to Obama’s Stimulus Package

Posted on: February 7, 2009

So, Americans, you didn’t like Obama’s stimulus package. That’s what FOX and the Republicans told you that you thought. They thought you thought it needed to be cut. Did they ask you what things should be cut from it? Well? Did they? Do you have any idea what was cut? Do you? I do, thanks to:

Here’s the list:

Total Reductions: $80 billion


Head Start, Education for the Disadvantaged, School improvement, Child Nutrition, Firefighters, Transportation Security Administration, Coast Guard, Prisons, COPS Hiring, Violence Against Women, NASA, NSF, Western Area Power Administration, CDC, Food Stamps



Public Transit $3.4 billion, School Construction $60 billion

The short-term thinking, the lack of thought for those who are actually suffering as a result of this economic crisis is APPALLING!


“Despite doubts cast by previous studies of Head Start, a long-term study shows that a Head Start program of the 1970s, which was part of the National Planned Variation Head Start Project, helped participating young children achieve greater school success and avoid crime as they grew up.”

Sounds like a bargain to me. Did you really want that cut?

Education for the Disadvantaged:

You might be more familiar with this as “Title 1 – Grants to Local Education Agencies”.

“This program provides financial assistance to LEAs and schools with high numbers or high percentages of poor children to help ensure that all children meet challenging state academic standards.”

It worked, until Bush turned it into “No Child Left Behind” which didn’t work. A recent study said it should be returned to the orignial set-up.

Can’t have that, useless, right?

School improvement and construction:

Have you seen the figures comparing the results of American schools with those of the other first world nations?

See the US down there at the bottom in maths and sciences?

We don’t need no more school improvement, do we?

Child nutrition, food stamps:

Who wants that? Especially when a lot of folks are having a very hard time of it and might have some trouble feeding their children adequately. But does that really matter?

 “The model showed that existing interventions that were designed to improve nutrition and prevent related disease could reduce stunting at 36 months by 36%; mortality between birth and 36 months by about 25%; and disability-adjusted life-years associated with stunting, severe wasting, intrauterine growth restriction, and micronutrient deficiencies by about 25%. To eliminate stunting in the longer term, these interventions should be supplemented by improvements in the underlying determinants of undernutrition, such as poverty, poor education, disease burden, and lack of women’s empowerment.”

No, of course not!

I’ve concentrated on a few of the cuts because they concerned children’s welfare. Children. Otherwise known as THE COUNTRY’S FUTURE.

Why in the world would we choose specifically the things in Obama’s proposals that most benefit our country’s future, unless we still haven’t grasped the fact that human capital and how it is optimized really determines the direction of a country’s movement up or down in the ranks of countries. Don’t believe me? Look at the countries that are moving up that scale and where they have been putting their investments. Go ahead. Look.

And be ashamed of the folks who chose these things to cut from Obama’s stimulus package.



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