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I am 58. So? Ageism! It’s Just Plain Wrong!

Posted on: February 9, 2009

I am watching a program on BBC called “Too Old to Work” and it’s making me good and mad. It’s revealing the exteme extent of ageism regarding ¬†jobseekers.

Unemployment in those over 50 has increased 30% since the crash began. For younger people, it has increased only 5%.

They have a father and daughter, both accountants. He’s 60 with tons of experience. She’s 23 and a trainee. They apply to the same agencies. They fall all over her, pursuing her. Other agencies call her that she hasn’t even applied to. Him, they ignore. When he calls, they claim to have lost his CV. They present her CVs to many employers, send her out for many interviews. Him, they actively discourage when he points out a job that fits his CV to a T and pushes them to send him out.

What do they say? You’re overqualified. You’d be bored. You wouldn’t fit into our work culture. You don’t fit our client’s requirements.

What words do they use to exclude? Energetic. Dynamic. Enthusiastic. All kinds of positive words like that?

Let me have a word with you if you are the person who are doing this. If we don’t work, then we’ll be living on benefits. And you’ll be paying us for doing nothing, like it or not, which is shameful waste.

What is more, where do you think the money that pays you comes from? Us. When we’re working. Don’t employ us and it won’t be coming.

What do they think about us? We have more sick days. Wrong. Our brains have dulled. Wrong. That we’ve slowed down. Perhaps. We’ve gotten more efficient. Those are the facts, and they’re showing that, too.

Personally, I’m going to start working to change things. I’m going to get together with other people my age and form companies that hire exclusively older more experienced people than the ones you’ve hired, and we’re going to run you into the ground.

I’m going to get together with younger people who care about us and prove agencies and employers discriminate, and then I’m going to take it to court.

I’m sick and tired of this ageism and I’m not going to take it anymore. Tomorrow I’m going to wake up and start calling up the agencies I’m registered with and I’m going to be very very frank with them. I’m going to call them on this outright. And I’m not going to listen to any of the old phrases. I’m going to tell them outright that such things are cues of ageism and I know it. It’s not going to be pleasant for me, but I hope it will be less pleasant for them.¬†

Given all that has been revealed, WHAT DO I HAVE TO LOSE?


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