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That Was Well Done. What Next?

Posted on: February 16, 2009

I’ve been very positively impressed by how Obama has handled moving the stimulus bill along and getting it passed. We get Fox and CNN here in the UK, and from them  you’d have thought that every Congressman who voted for the package was putting his career in danger because the people just plain didn’t want that bill.

It’s been interesting to watch the progression of rationales for opposing the bill brought up by the Republicans. The one that amused me most was the latest, after-the-fact attack on the basis that “Obama himself says its not perfect. For my money I want perfect!”

The reason that this one amuses me so much is that I tried to imagine the Republican opinion of a stimulus bill that Obama thought WAS perfect. Such a bill would have them howling with rage more than they have been, and we all know it.

I also like how they keep bringing up that no Congressman could possibly have read the whole bill. Now I know, and I know they know, that Congressmen rely on their staffs for exactly that. Each and every Congressman will have had his staff working all night long if necessary to read every word of the bill and provide him with appropriate talking points for his contituency. They will also have made sure that their Congressman was at least as informed as any journalist because their jobs depend on that. But what FOX and friends also knows is that most Americans don’t know about or won’t think about those staffs. If a Congressman can’t say truthfully, “Yes, I myself have read every word”, FOX can get the public to give them a negative mark that they will have to work off.

And the truth is that the people wanted that bill to pass. You could see it in the town meetings Obama went to, town meetings unlike the ones that Bush used to have with a hand-picked audience, town meetings that were open to anyone. They were like revival meetings in the enthsiasm shown by the crowds!

But that’s not the only evidence I have that the bill was popular. Consider this Op-Ed piece from the Times. Yes, from the Times, but note the links whenever facts are presented.

It documents how the various media were ringing alarm bells about Obama losing control of his Presidency probably before his family had gotten well enough acquainted with the White House to find their way unguided to the Oval Office in one try.

The media was dead wrong. While they were saying it might never pass the House, it did. While they said it wouldn’t pass the Senate, it did. They said a compromise couldn’t  possibly be ironed out by Obama’s target date, but it was. All essentially without Republican help.

The media asked the wrong people. They asked the loudest people, the most available people, the people in DC. They overwhelmingly asked the Republicans (see for yourself, it’s documented) to appear on their talk programs. Republicans put on a real good show. But remember? They did that during the campaign too. They’re still doing it in their blogs. The show just isn’t selling much in the way of tickets any more. Their credibility is shot, and the longer they keep up with this, the worse it will get.

Me, I hope they DON’T come to their senses.


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