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The Water Company Exercise Program

Posted on: February 20, 2009

Two weeks ago now, the water company set out to redo the sewer system over a mile and a half section of the road our close (no outlet) comes off of. At any one time, one lane of almost all that distance is open, but somewhere within the mile and a half is an area with both lanes closed. The effect is that you can get to anyplace within that mile and a half, but only from one direction.

If you have a car, there’s a bit of incovenience because when you get to the bottom of our close you can only go in one direction. To get to something in the other direction, you follow a diversion, out the direction you can go for about 3/4 of a mile, then up the hill, across for some distance, then down the hill to a point on the blocked road about  3/4 of a mile in the other direction from our close, and onward.

Usually, we bus riders have it pretty easy. From our flat, it a quick walk, certainly no more than a quarter mile to the street now blocked, then only about 100 feet to a bus stop. 100 feet in one direction for a stop going to the town center (which is about 2 1/2 miles away). 100 feet in the other direction for a stop going to, for example, the nearest post office and large supermarket.

However, with the blockage in place, the powers-that-be, powers that I have yet to clearly identify (more about that later), decided that it was too much trouble to make an accomodations for walker/bus-riders. They just eliminated the stops within that one and a half mile strip and send the buses around the diversion.

This means that, since we don’t have a car, every time we leave the house we have to walk 3/4 of a mile to the closest bus stop and then when we come home, the bus lets us off 3/4 of a mile from home. That comes to about a marathon-worth of extra walking every week, some of it carrying whatever purchases we’ve made. There will be a lot fewer of those as long as this last.

This is expected to last for 8 weeks, perhaps more!

I have talked to the local Council  within which the work is being done. They said they had nothing to do with it, but gave me a number for the water company. It wasn’t. The number turned out to be one for another Council, either the city Council or the county Council. I forgot to ask which in my determination to get to the right person to talk to, because in any case, I was told they weren’t the right people. They gave me the phone number for the water company, which gave me the number for the guy who was at the head of the project, who told me that the water company had actually offered to help fund a shuttle bus for those within the diversion zone to get to the nearest main bus stop. He didn’t know which Council was the right one to talk to, though. Others have suggested I call the bus company itself or the the Highway Commission.

I’ve been too tired and busy making that long walk two or more times a day.

I’m trying to develop a sense of humor about it. Thus the “Water Company Exercise Program” idea. I estimate that by the time the 8 weeks (perhaps more) come to an end, I’ll need to sue somebody to provide me with a new wardrobe because I’ll be back to the figure I had at age 20. (I’m 58.)

I’ll also need a new pair of walking shoes!


2 Responses to "The Water Company Exercise Program"

Please DO get back the figure you had at age 20!! This I GOTTA’ see!!
We will “sexercise” to KEEP you that way once goal attained!! ;o-p
oooo xxxx oooo

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