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Sean Penn’s Oscar Speech

Posted on: February 24, 2009

Why I do it, I really don’t know (actually, it’s because I want to keep in touch with the nonsense the majority of Americans are being conned into thinking is “fair and balanced” news), but I was watching FOX this morning.

Someone was talking about liberal intolerance, which was apparently typified by Penn’s saying in his speech that those who oppose gay marriange should think of what their grandchildren and great grand children will think of them and be ashamed.

Sometimes I wish I could intervene, just step in and make a big old point that is not being made.

To counter this argument, all you have to do is think of our own ancestors who thought slavery proper. I know folks don’t want to think that it was their own relatives that thought this, but it was. Unless you go back Quaker or some such for five generations or so, or are black, if you’re American, your relatives probably did think just that.

Surely somewhere in the back of their minds, they knew their position wasn’t right. Should they have been ashamed of themselves and thought about what future generations would think of them?

I find it a good test of our positions if done honestly and in an informed way. Maybe I’m an optomist about human nature, but I think people actually always know somewhere in the back of their minds whether their positions are held for purely personal advantage or not.

I think Sean Penn was right.


1 Response to "Sean Penn’s Oscar Speech"

Sorry it took me so long to get to your blog again! Really great and brilliant design, and of course the content is well done. Fantastic to see your last several posts and what you have been “ranting” about.
I love you very much, my brilliant one! ;o-p


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