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And When It Comes to Healthcare

Posted on: February 26, 2009

Obama get’s it. I think he get’s it because he didn’t grow up rich, he became rich. Healthcare wasn’t always a given to him.

Maybe I care so much because the availability of good healthcare has made such a difference in my own life. When I was five, I was burned. It was a hot water burn rather than a fire burn, a simple accident. But it was enough to cause a good deal of scarring, almost none of which is ever visible now.

That’s because every summer and sometimes at other holidays, I went into the hospital for surgery to remove some of the scarring. Because I was young, this could be done by simply slicing out a strip of scar and pulling the edges together. Because the local doctors cooperated, I had the same roommate every time, another girl about my age who had also been burned, and a group of familiar kids to play with in the hospital. Because the hospital was old, and a new childrens’ wing was being built, we were free to do things that are probably not allowed today, things like having wheel-chair races up and down the hall, so my inner scarring is much less than it might have been. Because it was the 50’s and the knowledge was much less than today, there are residual effects of the methods used, but everything functions.

My family always had health insurance. Surely there were families that didn’t, but I don’t remember families being driven into bankruptcy by medical expenses as so many are now. 

Already, three years ago, in the US, most bankruptcies were related to medical expenses. 

Now, many Americans are taking less medication than is prescribed for them and putting off necessary care for lack of money.


Because I live in the UK now, I do not have to think of any medical problem in terms of the hole it will put in my budget. I have trouble expressing what a major difference that is.

When we’re sick, we call our local doctor’s office and are guaranteed to be seen in 48 hours, though in truth, an appointment is almost always made for the same day. And the appointments take place on time, no hours of waiting. If it’s minor thing, we don’t think afterward “Dang, I could have used that copayment.”

If it’s not minor, we don’t think “Where did I put those papers I have to submit for pre-approval? How much of the cost of this will have to come out of  the budget.” We just pay attention to what needs to be done.

Sometimes, the doctors office contacts us, telling us an appointment has been made for a screening for this or that. Free, of course. We can reschedule if the time is not convenient. Whatever it is, we know that if it’s there, it will be caught in the early stages.

Perhaps you’ve heard of Jade Goody. She’s a UK reality show star who is dying of cervical cancer. The next generation of British women will escape it almost entirely. All young women are being offered, for free of course, immunization against it.

I’m telling you that if and when the US gets universal healthcare, people should make sure that it is modeled on one of European country models. I don’t care which. Believe it or not, the Brit system is considered one of the worst. If the US models its system on one of those, it won’t be more than five years before people are demanding to know who is responsible for keeping it from happening sooner. All of you who are resisting it will be kicking yourselves.


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It was nice to see your blog.Just Keep Writing!

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Hi Amber,

Thanks for stopping by. I’ve fallen behind just a bit. Busy time. But I’ll be posting again soon.

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