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Idea Parties Everywhere!

Posted on: March 6, 2009

My e-mail box and the sites that I visit regularly seem to be fermenting like crazy. I hardly know which to follow (when I should, of course, be locating open jobs and filling in applications and such). There’s not enough time in my days.

The term “idea parties” comes to me from Barbara Sher’s books, the most famous of which, Wishcraft, is about to have its 30-year anniversary. Barbara Sher’s books are for people who have so many interests, they have trouble fitting them all into the usual pattern of life. The choose-a-specialty, build-a-lifetime-career-from-it, live-happily-ever-after pattern is not for them. First, they often have trouble choosing a specialty, even resent being asked to do so, and change interests too fast to do so. Second, the idea of doing one thing for the rest of their lives is their (my) idea of hell. So they have trouble designing a life they can live-happily-ever-after in the world that exists. She helps without forcing them (us) into holes we don’t fit. And having “idea parties” in which everyone pitches in to try and think of a way of life that fits all the requirements for an individual scanner (which is what she calls the folks she helps). Of course, all the folks involved help each other in this. The latest idea party to celebrate the anniversary is taking place on Twitter, which I just began learning to use in order to participate in it.

Meanwhile, there’s the Kluster group. I got involved with one of their projects, NameThis, a place where a crowd tries to name something with the best name getting some money. It isn’t perfect, and debates are continual, but it’s a cool idea.

Well, the founder of Kluster has been invited to the White House and is holding a sort of web-based idea party inviting folks involved in Kluster projects to suggest things for him to tell Obama when he gets his chance. Of course, we get to see each other’s ideas and rate them. I’ve already contributed several, and several of the other ideas invite the formation of idea parties in and of themselves. (I couldn’t resist one of mine being “Hire me!” because I’d love to work in the Obama administration.)

I’ve also suddenly got much more involved with Linked-In through groups with common interests, like mine of eventually having a line of clothing based on local resources and traditional hand skills. The exchange among us have the potential to turn into idea parties, especially once I borrow one of the ideas on the Kluster White House suggestion list, which was to establish a sort of to link up entrepreneurs lacking parts of what they need to really get started. The moment I read it, I thought that Linked-In would be the perfect place for such a thing, especially in this time when so many are out of work.

That’s not to mention the Knights News Challenge and Innocentive, both of which regularly send me opportunities to turn ideas into reality, and FaceBook, which I barely had a presence on at all until this weekend, when a contact made over the net came for a face-to-face visit.

Am I just avoiding the drugery of job-hunting? Is it something about hard times? What do you think is going on to cause all this ferment? And will it do us any good?


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