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The Role Play

Posted on: March 17, 2009

Does it mean something when the role playing scenario lands in your spam box and has to be retrieved for a slightly delayed phone try-out?

Does it mean something when the role play is a phone-sell of something you could actually enjoy selling even over the phone, in this case, trips to Italy?

I’ve never been to Italy. One of the things I had hoped to do during our stay in England was to take lots of trips, even weekend city breaks, to places all over Europe. But it hasn’t happened that way. We’ve been lucky to have a few day-trips to a beach about 25 miles away, even one night stay-over. And yes, due to a friend’s generosity, we had a week in Northern Ireland, which was wonderful.

I’m not really complaining. We know how lucky we are to be likely to end up spending 5 years in another country, really getting to know thoroughly what is is like to live there. So we had to struggle. What immigrants (legal or illegal) don’t?

While I’m at it, just let me state my support for the idea of letting even illegal immigrants pay in state tuition at colleges. Folks are always complaining about immigrants being a drain on the system. We all are until we grow up, even if  the only system we really drain is our own family’s pocket book. Otherwise, they could be stimulating the rest of the economy with that money instead of possibly making a bad investment in us.

But their aim is to make us such productive citizens that we pay it all back in taxes or service to the community. And that should be our aim for those immigrants as well, legal or illegal.

Face it. The best way to make sure they will in the end be a net gain to our society is to make it as easy as possible for them to make the very most of their talents, develop them to the very fullest. We owe it to ourselves, if not them.

This has been a rabling post. Anyhow, I got through the role play and will hear soon. If I get it, maybe during this last year, we will be able to take those ciy breaks, maybe even return with a bit of a nest egg to get us started again. Maybe.


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