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I Just LOVE Code Pink!

Posted on: March 18, 2009

Time and time and time again, they appear where, actually, after they have done it so many times, you might expect them to. Well, they’ve done it again. Liddy of AIG comes before Congress to answer a few questions about those humongous bonuses (which, let me say it again, should be taxed at  100%), and there they are right in back of him in all their glory.

Where can you expect them next? Well, you might check their website:

By the way, do you know where the name and the association with pink came from? It was partly about the terrorism danger condition colors. Code Red! Hide under the table! When they, like me, thought that the US’s safety from terrorism actually depends on the opinions about us in the world outside the US. Code Pink! Make peace!

They, and I, also thought that there were a lot of folks with jobs in the Bush administration that deserved to get a “pink slip”  more than the people who were getting them. 

Guess who they think deserves a pink slip now. Could it be those folks who think getting huge bonuses paid for with the taxes of those who earn less?


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