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Is the Tide Turning?

Posted on: March 23, 2009

This was a good day for several reasons.

I had an interview for a job I would actually like to do. (Take that  [name of company avoided] phone bank!) As usual, I forgot my questions and simply asked what came to mind, which wasn’t much. (Are you allowed to actually pull out a sheet of paper with written questions on it? Are you allowed to write some notes while the interview is going on to remind you of questions? Is there any hope for me otherwise?) Also, the ideal person for the job would have a great deal of knowledge I don’t have. But the chances of a person who has all that knowledge also having the other characteristics the ideal candidate would have (a good deal of which I have) is not that high. There’s another aspect, too, that I am not strong in (an area I would very much like to be strong in and may look for someplace on the web I could learn it for free), but if I were hiring for this job, that aspect wouldn’t be the most important factor. Overall, discounting the personality test that is a part of the next round, I would say that it matters what the hirers think is most important, something I have no way in knowing. Not that I’m necessarily right about what matters anyhow.

Lord, the acrobatics my mind does AFTER the interview’s over!

 Also today, I got my novel manuscript back in my hands. (Did I ever write here that I have written a novel? It’s not the novel of the century, but if it were published, I wouldn’t be ashamed to claim it either. Maybe ten novels on I would, but that would mean I had nine other novels to my credit that I liked better. OK, that’s my next aim, since I achieved the write-a-novel, why not try for ten?) It’s a long story not yet completed, but it’s been out of my hands for some four months and I really was afraid it might never return, which when you really have written a novel but only one and have no proof that you ever really did it, is like a chronic apprehension.

What else? I had a chance to make a useful connection between two people and a chance to actively put aside some old animosity towards another. (I finally was able to put a social networking site to my kind of good use.) It’s good when one day you realize that something that hurt quite a bit at one time doesn’t hurt anymore.


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