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Do What You Love and….

Posted on: March 24, 2009

It’s a long debate with many opinions expressed. Will doing what you love doing really work in this world?

At a Toastmasters meeting a few weeks ago, we were asked to introduce ourselves with our ideal job and our dream job.

The ideal job was a job that actually exists in the world, one that would be at least theoretically possible for us. The dream job is one that would require some type of magical transformation. I said my ideal job would be to be a part of Cirque du Soliel’s costume department,

and my dream job would be to earn my living weaving Norwich shawls, which are true woven paisley scarves that used to be produced where I live.

To be a weaver of Norwich Shawls, I would have to time travel, or own a jacquard loom and know how to program it,

because that’s the only thing that could possibly make them profitable now. (Unfortunately, I want to hand-weave them.) I’m perfectly willing to learn to program and design for it. I would love to. I once had an interview to join a jacquard design company, so I’ve got the basic qualifications for taking it on. But first I have to find someone giving away a jacquard loom.

That’s a joke, folks, extremely unlikely to happen.

Jobs with the costume department at Cirque are rare, too. I actually looked it up. They had an opening, but it would have required working with one of their traveling shows, which is not practical at this point in my life, since one of my major treasures is the relationship I have with my sweetie.

At the most recent Toastmaster’s meeting, that challenge was mentioned again. The speaker noted how achievable most ideal jobs were. It was a motivational speech by a life coach, and full of “you can do it”s  expressed in a variety of ways.

I’ve gone full tilt at what I really wanted to do a few times now, or so I thought, but I am aware that somewhere deep inside I never fully commit, and eventually I abandonned the effort either for something close with decent financial rewards or for something that wasn’t close but offered a good financial situation. I always hold onto a plan B which usually involves employing my various skills on a more “practical” level. And then, I always abandon that for the call of what I really want to do. And the practical sandbags that hold my hot-air balloon to the ground keep accumulating, the latest ones being age. (Is there is clue somewhere in that term “hot-air” ?) I’ve got the talent for really excellent work, but when it comes down to it, I’m (almost) always (perhaps self-) restrained by market considerations and choose to spend my time on the types of things that I know will sell.

Here I am unemployed, but getting interviews in those practical areas, and the dreams are calling again.


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