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Another Day, Another Rejection

Posted on: March 27, 2009

I have to admit this is really doing serious damage to my confidence and self-esteem. It’s very hard to pick myself up and get back to work on the next three applications I am presently filling out, two for teaching positions, and another to sell upholstered furniture.

You’d think my application for the upholstered furniture salesperson would be pretty strong, since I’ve actually had to design and weave a set of coordinated fabrics for a target market area for upholstered furniture.

Note that I’m not saying anything about the school jobs after the day-long in-house substitute interview that I wrote about in another posting.

My husband is pushing me again to drop that Ph.D. from my CV and applications, but then how would I explain what I did between 1972 and 1999, since the jobs I held were directly related to that qualification?

Meanwhile, my brother, who did not graduate from college, and lost his job maybe three weeks ago has two job offers already.

Something is very very wrong with either employers or me. I’m wondering again how much of this has to do with ageism, how much to do with discrimination against immigrants. And, frankly, at this moment, I don’t know what to do about it.


2 Responses to "Another Day, Another Rejection"

I’m sorry to learn about what you are currently going through. But perhaps it would make you feel a little better if I told you that in my country, whether or not one gets a scholarship or a job offer in a government department depends (very much) on his/her religion..

It is quite an open secret, really. Only people of certain religion are offered positions in government bodies and believe it or not, these people don’t get sacked or retrenched, even if they performed very very badly (which explains why so many people would die to get i government job, because they get to sit on that until retirement).

I wish you lots of luck with your future applications 🙂

Hello Clarissa, thank you for commenting. That’s very interesting. If you have read more of my blog, you know that I am interested in the cultural differences between countries. I cam imagine various countries that your country could be. What country is it, or if you don’t feel safe telling me which country it is, which continent is your country on?

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