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Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Posted on: March 31, 2009

Do I see a flicker? A candle in the distance? An LED over in the bushes? An early lightening bug?

Did I predict it or what? Just when I decided to put more of my efforts into making a business of my own, a company called this morning about a substitute teacher placement.

The placement was about 15 miles out of town in a village. I was unprepared. Heck, the last I heard, on Friday when I called them up to see what was happening with the application I’d put in about two months ago, since the required criminal record check had come in (I’m innocent as the driven snow.) a month ago already. So I woke up assuming the most that could happen was a call back about where things stood. I said I needed a day’s notice to figure out the logistics of getting to a place out of town since I use public transit.

My day was all planned already. I would work some on the workhouse costume, which really is reaching the end now. I’d repair the hole in my one pair of jeans which I wear essentially every day (I’ve been putting off scouring the charity shops for a good fitting “new” pair.) I’d take a bath and wash my hair. I’d make the card for my aspirational clothing repair and alteration and re-fashioning and costuming and other textile enterprises, the business named Ragamuffin or Threadneedle Enterprises in my mind. I’d post here, of course.  I’d pay first of the month bills. I have no problem filling these jobless days, really I don’t.

Well, one way or another, it looks like they might just possibly be coming to an end. Not that I haven’t received one more rejection in the past few days, but even that one came with a comment that they wanted to keep my info for other openings coming soon.

I know which one’s the most practical. I also know which one interests me most. They are not the same. I’m trying to think of the more practical one as a way of getting the financial means to do the one I really want to do. And I’ll do a little praying to help me sort it all out in my mind.

For years, my household has joked that the powers that be have us on a just-in-time plan. Once again, it would seem that is true. Is the economic cloud the world has been under lifted a bit? What a way to live!


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