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American Missive

Posted on: April 1, 2009

This post is just to call attention to another blog that welcomes civil discussion. Here’s a link of an example.

Yes, as a participant, I may be a bit biased, but isn’t this really what blogging is all about?


6 Responses to "American Missive"

djcnor: Thanks for the link. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve enjoyed your input and discourse very much and have added you to my “blog roll”.

You’re truly welcome. I have commented on many blogs and have been amazed at how many bloggers either tell commenters with opposing views to go away, call them any number of pejorative names, or simply ban then. I understand banning of those commenters who use abusinve language themselves, say the same thing over and over with no references to back them up, or operate outside logic. I just hadn’t realized how rare civil discussion had become and really want to encourage it. Thanks for the blog roll listing

djcnor – many thanks for the link as well! TP and I enjoy this discussion- this is why we wanted to blog. You’ve taught us a great deal about Denmark and given us much to chew on. I’m not ready to say you’ve won us over, but we have nonetheless profited from the discussion. We wish the best to you and yours. Keep blogging and drop back by and visit again sometime.

You’re welcome, too, Stephen. I’m not through with you yet. Beware, my husband tells me that what I say tends to be long-acting. Effects may not be evident for months, and may not be what you expect. Just wait until you’re thinking about your next vacation and find yourself musing “Denmark?” It wouldn’t be a bad choice.

Now there is an idea, Denmark will be on my mind for quite some time.

See what I mean? (semi-evil laugh)

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