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I’ve Got Talent! Who Knew?

Posted on: April 6, 2009

Today has been a good day.

It didn’t start out that way. I had to turn up at the job centre first thing to report that for the 12th two-week period I had not found a job.

That could be a good thing. My next visit to the job centre will be an extra long interview supposedly to figure out what kind of help might actually result in my finding a job. I have two proposals for them: Either send me to teacher training or help me set up my textile business. Wonder which one they’ll support, if either, or will they send me out to take the job in the chicken processing factory with all the other immigrants?

I had a few errands to run, none of which went the way I had hoped. Long lines. Library fines. Place not open. But I survived.

My objective at home was to begin sorting out which things from my “studio” I would take to “live” at the textile centre. Now, understand, this was a joyous task in the first place because the room I call the “studio” is overstuffed and cramped. It’s a tiny little bedroom without much in the way of natural light anyhow, with three bookcases, a floor loom and a folding chair to sit in while weaving, a sewing machine table and sewing machine (from the US which I daren’t risk with UK electricity but I couldn’t part with because it really is a very nice one and was my Mom’s), and endless boxes of fabric, beads, partially completed projects, supplies of many types, completed projects that I don’t quite know what to do with, writings and records, and on and on and on.

Walking into the room is an exercise in balance and precise footing. Accomplishing anything in the room, aside from weaving,  is out of the question. Weaving is uncomfortable, and warping the loom, even for a belt-width warp, was a job for a contortionist, which at 58 I am not.

But there was no place else for the stuff, until now.

So it was a joyous task to start. But in sorting it out and choosing the things to go to the textile centre, I discovered over and over again that I had produced good work, work I still thought was excellent five years or more later, work that I hadn’t thought that much of at the time I did it that I really like now. Finishing jobs that I hesitated to do at the time but now feel perfectly confident in managing. Work that I will be proud to display in my space at the centre to show off what I can do.

There’s a 5 yard 30 inch wide chenille shadow-weave gamp with some really beautiful weaves and color combinations! There are at least five crazy quilt square pillows that are really fine work (though they need to be remounted since the cheap lining fabric I used for the pillow bases has faded.) There are yards of fabric experimentally printed with my three coordinating screens in screen print class. There’s my upholstery weave  and my double-weave projects. There are T-shirts printed with styrofoam blocks that are rather nice (They’d be even better if the T-shirts were black or at least not white. Hmm.) Every corner I excavated, every box I opened held things that deserved to come out into the light and be shown off.

And I had been thinking I might not have enough work ready for a good display! How could I have forgotten so much?

I had been a bit worried about something else, getting the things I wanted to take to the centre there for a price I could afford. A two-mile taxi ride is a significant expense these days.

Halfway through my efforts, long after the mail had come, the mail slot clunked. There was a brochure for a new taxi company offering bargain try-out prices and bragging about their large-size cars.

Jump, and a net shall appear?


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