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Pay-rate Changes: Is this legal?

Posted on: May 12, 2009

I am deffinitely annoyed, and I mean annoyed in the British sense as in seriously ticked off.

Three week ago, I began a part time teaching assistant job. I was hired to provide one-on-one assistance to a single student. The student’s schedule began at 8:30 and ended at 1:30, so 5 hours, and I was hired for 3 days per week.

I needed to let the Job Centre know my hours and how much I was being paid, so I called up the agency that had hired me for the details. I was told I was being paid £100 per day. Well, that sounded like good pay, but by then I knew that the pay came for a special fund for helping new students with special circumstances get settled in new schools. We checked with a friend in the education system who seemed to think it was the going rate.

Then I got my first paycheck, along with a letter confirming that the school wanted to keep me for another week.

For the first two days, I had indeed been paid £100 per day, except that that included holiday pay and that the short schedule of my student was not considered an entire day, only 5/6 of one.

For the third day, I had been paid only 5/6 of £65 (including holiday pay again). And the letter said they now wanted me to work a longer schedule, still £65 but now for 6 hours.

So I think I’m getting £20 per hour

then find out that includes my holiday pay (so I get paid nothing for any holidays I take)

then find out I’m only getting 5/6 of that

then find out that my pay has been cut by 35% for subsequent days

then find out I’ve got to work longer hours for that lesser pay.

Did I question it? WELL, YEAH!

And I just got their answer. You aren’t going to believe this?!?!

They say everything up to the very last is a mistake and they’ll be adjusting my subsequent pay checks to take back the “extra” pay they gave me!


2 Responses to "Pay-rate Changes: Is this legal?"

hey, they’re the ones who write history. what do you expect?

Actually, I was afraid they would do exactly that. I wonder if my questioning their doing that has anything to do with the job ending the next week….. But all is well. Now I get to spend maximal time at the St. Lawrence Textile Centre at least for a while. Just gotta do what I can to make it pay as soon as possible.

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