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Watching Christiane Amanpour

Posted on: June 26, 2011

My favorite news discussion show. I’m going to post a running commentary.

How about a law requiring politicians to answer the question that’s asked!!!!! The Republican is absolutely refusing to answer the questions she’s asking. He doesn’t say that, of course. More people would realize he was doing that if he did.

And how about a law requiring politicians to make a single point only one time in a given interview. Or even no more than three. How dare the Republican talk about getting beyond talking points and then spout the very same talking points seven or eight times!

I was disappointed that Christiane didn’t call him on it more directly, until she directly said he had refused to answer on blocking loopholes.

I can only write so fast, so I’ll skip the Democrat and go on to the discussion. I think whoever said this is all political theater is right. And that is why the populace is mad as hell at Congress. 435 Drama Queens! Make that 535, adding on the Senate.

The Presidential race? I don’t see how Obama can lose and I think the Republicans know that. That’s why there’s not a single one of any substance. Just a bunch of folks who are willing to settle for a mention in future textbooks as the Republican candidate.

On to Afghanistan and the other wars, or sort-of wars. Get ’em out. Want to spend the 4th of July actually doing something to help the troops? Bring ’em home! Stop this horrible waste of evry kind of capital that is any war. There are so many people in the world that we can’t afford this nonsense anymore. And I’m not just talking about the US. I’m talking about the world.

Did you know that 95% of the people that are casualties of any war are civilians? I found that out in 2004, and I’ll never ever forget it. What a  waste of human capital, fuel, manufacturing capacity. We might as well make all that stuff and throw it off a cliff. There are a whole lot of folks who would rush to put it to real use making people’s lives better.

Am I missing something? Why is George Will on TV so often. Is he actually respected as very knowledgeable? I’ve never been impressed. Maybe I should listen less skeptically to what he says.

Look, I’m a woman. I hate the position of women under the Taliban. I’d like to think the women of Afghanistan aren’t about to accept going back to what their lives were like under the Taliban. But then I think there are a lot of cases in the world in which bad things are allowed to go on just because people let them and the moment people just ignore the nonsense it stops. I learned that at the Berlin Wall, another lesson I’ll never forget.

I love that she includes viewpoints that are informed by experience of life outside the US.

Just caught myself sitting here with a frown on my face sticking out my bottom lip. And then the interview with Mrs. Obama came on and I beamed. As a member of the 60’s generation, I know that it is our actions during the struggle in the US for civil rights that made it possible for a black family to be in the White House.

My husband came across the fact the other day that somewhere around 12 of the states already have a non-white majority and that the whole country will have a non-white majority by 2050. I’m white. And I don’t dread that. Iven if I were likely to be around then, I would not dread that. I think the country will be better for it.

And the in Memorium. I love this part every week. “We remember ALL the people who died in war this week.” A few are listed, but she chooses to recognize all. I admire Christiane Amanpour.


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