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I think I have a bit of a profile already, but since this page exists, and I’m not exactly sure how to get rid of it, I’ll use it to tell a little about myself. Who’s writing this blog?

A person who grew up in West Virginia and has lived her adult life in Virginia, New York City, Copenhagen, Krakow, and the UK.

A person who traveled across the US and back in six weeks of 1978(? )camping and eating out of a cooler all the way.

A person of leftist politics, greatly influenced at the age of 18 by reading The Greening of America, a book that has never ceased to inform my thought and opinions.

A person who has earned her living as a waitress, a research scientist, a bookstore worker, a production editor, a freelance copy editor and proofreader, a textile designer, and doing a whole raft of relatively unpleasant jobs as a temp.

A married person with a relatively close family.

A person who has written a novel.

A person who lived through 9/11, being just 30 blocks away when it happened.

An unashamed baby boomer and former hippie and Beatlemania.

A plain-looking person who is often underestimated.

I may add other things to this as I think they belong here.


10 Responses to "About……ME?"

I was unhappy that the shoes did not find their mark on Bush’s
retarted face. He has turned Iraq into a Hell-Hole. Let’s hope Air Force One has engine proplems and King George has to bail out over Falluja and be done by a Falluga lynch-mob, or perhaps take him to the local jail and reenact the atrocities that have been inflicted on the locals by Iraqi quislings. How
many un-american creeps will be pardoned on Jan.19,2008 We
need to storm the Bastille next month and sharpen the guiillitine blades. Runsfeldt should be tossed out of a helicopter
flying as high a it will fly, then pilots who have won a lottory should be able a straff his body as it drifts to Earth. Or maybe just Life in Prison may be worse for the scumbags. Visitors to this scumbag zoo could scream at the miscreats, and throw excrement and urine at them.

Me, too, although I have no desire for Bush to face a lynch mob. The experience that I would like to give him is living in the conditions he has caused such a large proportion of the world’s people to live in for the rest of his life. If, by some miraculous occurrence, he actually managed ot achieve a level of empathy and appreciation of his guilt, I would be even happier. Unfortunately, I doubt that will happen. In the meanwhile, I am delighted that the world’s disgust has been expressed in a gesture more powerful than words in most of the world.

Hi Donna,
I was wondering if you could contact me. I was telling a pile of people about Sheep Appreciation Week. They loved the name so much they wondered if you were still selling items under that name. Can you pass on that information to me? My sister wondered how you decided to give the sheep a whole week not just a day or two. lol.

You need to add an “email me” link here, unless you have one and I am too tired to find it.

Hi Sara,

I wrote you an e-mail. Did you get it?


Just wanted to let you know that the last time I was in Iraq it didn’t look like a hell hole to me…..we’re actually doing a lot of good over there. Helping the Iraq army get on their feet, replacing their crappy weapons with new ones so they can fight thieer own war, and the people over there actually liked us. You need an outlet for your anger.

I read up there that you are a former hippie, are you one of the military hating hippies that threw dog crap at my father-in-law when he came back from Vietnam missing his legs?

Well, I’ll take the views of the ordinary Iraqis over your view. They knew how it was before our army came in. You do not. Considering the government they had before we arrived, for them to say that conditions are worse for them than they were is a very bad indictment of our actions, particularly since Iraq was no threat what so ever to the US.

Yes, I’m a former hippie. The kind that protested the war. The kind that sat and saw a bald guy pick numbers out of a bowl like it was a bingo game to determine who stayed home and who went off and died. The kind that saw friends make lefe-determining decisions based on that bingo game. The kind that saw the President of our student body go off all gung ho and come back through on the underground railroad on his way to Canada on his first leave. The kind that had a cousin pilot there, who when asked what it was like played a Tom Paxton song about folks on both sides just trying to avoid killing and dying as much as possible. I never disparaged any veteran. I always felt like I needed to apologize for what the government had done to them.

By the way, that Steve you were talking to was there, too, and was one of those soldiers who came back and found himself homeless for a time afterwards.

So them thanking us, telling us they are glad we are there doesn’t matter? It’s not opinion, it’s fact. My co-worker’s husband just got back two weeks ago, and guess what, he said the same thing. So think what you want.

Of course they’re glad you’re there making the attempt to clean up the mess the US has made of their country. Otherwise, they would have to clean up the mess the US made themselves. We broke it illegitimately. It is only right that we fix what we broke.

Hi Donna!!~Steve, and “Helochick.”

It my belief that many areas of this whole Iraqi situation are not 100%black or white.
I think there are many people who had true and honest aspirations of helping horribly abused and oppressed people have a better life, and they gave their time, risked or gave their lives to do so.
As to the governments part, I think we “mortals” do not have all of the variables to honest to God say definitively what was truly evil and what was poor judgment. Speaking of judgment I am sure all will one day stand before God and its then that the truth will come out.
Steve went there, so I believe he has every right to voice an opinion. Helochick, your rude verbal attack on Donna regarding throwing dog “doo” was unwarranted, bitter, and took away quite a bit of your credibility.
Its a hard subject, with many views, much passion, and everyone is entitled to their own opinions in AMERICA or BRITAIN or really anywhere at all.
I do not think Donna could ever have treated anyone except with utmost respect. It doesn’t feel very good to have seen good friends sent to Viet Nam to fight a war that even the politicians said they could not win.
Helochick, maybe read some history and try to view life through eyes other than just your own.

Steve you would feel better if your hatred for President Bush and his cronies was given up. Forgive them. Hatred only hurts the one hating really. God bless you for serving our country sir.

Donna, I loved your email and will respond tomorrow. Well the subject material made me so angry on your behalf but I enjoy talking to you. BTW your profile is SO much like mine. Except I’m not so good with design. But musically, yea, I’m creative and could never see myself in one job forever.

XOXO to you all.

Diane, thanks for your comment. War is never entirely black or white. I think that in the end no one really ever wins a war. Did you know that the UN has researched and found that in any war, 95% of the casualties are innocent women and children. If makes sense. After all, they don’t go around in armored vehicles wearing body armor like soldiers do and bombs and bullets don’t have minds. I’m pretty much a pacifist. That does not mean I am anti-resistance if a country is attacked. It’s just that I believe there are better ways of resistance than with arms.

For example, Denmark lost only 70 of its Jews in WWII and its infrastructure and people suffered much less damage than other countries, even though they were under occupation by Germany. When Germany demanded Jews wear the yellow star to identify them, the King set the example and all Danes wore the star, thus thwarting the order. The whole country then cooperated to smuggle all the Jews out of the country into Sweden. They then set out on a program of enthusiastic and purposefully totally incompetent “collaboration”. They did whatever the Germans demanded of them, finding a way to mess it up thoroughly preventing its effectiveness.

I am about as rabid about Bush as Steve is. The fact that Bush was allowed to be President twice (I believe both of his “elections” were stolen) was why I left the US. That being said, I am happy enough with Obama to not dread coming back if my Visa expires. I had all but lost faith in the American people before Obama was elected.

Steve was in the Viet Nam war rather than the Iraq one, though.

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