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Yee Haw! I’ve got a place to teach, for you to come and see my work, for you to bring clothing you would like repaired or refashioned, for you to set my commissions!

It’s the St. Lawrence Textile Centre on Benedict St. in Norwich, UK, and I’ll be there on Saturdays.

I am willing to teach:

 Weaving      hand embroidery      needle tatting      fabric painting     crocheting      jewelry making     beadwork      luceting      crazy quilting     embellishment of all kinds

at £5 per hour prearranged or, if I’m not already teaching something else, drop in.

You may also commission any such work from me, as well as:


costume making, re-enactment, pirate is where I plan to post finished un-sold work of this type.

In addition, I am available to tutor:

Chemistry and other sciences

Math (or Maths at the Brits put it).

I also offer the following services freelance:

Writing (particularly instructions and other non-fiction)


Copy Editing (Sub-Editing)


If you would like a CV aimed specifically at the skills you need, just ask in a comment. Do the same if you would like to commission or schedule a class or a private tutoring session. Be aware that I am in East Anglia in Great Britain, but some things I could do over the net or long distance. 

Due to age discrimination, I have decided my time is more profitably spent on freelance projects than applying for jobs. I would be delighted to hear other’s experiences in age discrimination with the objective of forming a UK chapter of something like the Grey Panthers.

No, I do not ship overseas unless I know you or have credible references regarding you.


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Djcnor’s Weblog

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