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Obama and the AIG bonuses

Posted on: March 18, 2009

I HATE it when the right lies outright.

I was just checking out the wordpress tag surfer and found a blog suggesting that Obama had received an AIG bonus:

The author knows that is a damned LIE because he references the source:

And what the source actually says is that Obama received a campaign contribution from AIG.

Of course, that happened before there was any bail-out at all (yes, that bail-out, the one passed before Obama became President), and way before any of the bonuses now being discussed which DO NOT include Obama.

The two are entirely separate.

It is totally immoral to lie in that way hoping the lazy American public will not bother to go to the website referenced and thus will believe a LIE.


2 Responses to "Obama and the AIG bonuses"

look, if you insist on calling me ‘the right’ i’ll take it, but the truth is that you’re being just as bombastic as i am in my post, by doing so.
but let’s play liberal semantics and hug this out.
he’s so fresh and so clean.
it’s not black and white. it’s a gray area!
as if, there’s no other signs that obama is a whore to corporations and lobbyists. there’s no fannie criminals anywhere near him…especially wallstreet pigs or community scoreganizers who sued banks until they sold “no income-no asset” loans to hourly wage workers.
also, corporate campaign contributions are like totally irrelevant when they’re given to democrats because, like corporations are all republican because of taxes. On the flip side, porking over a cool mil to the company your wife works for, so she gets an instant 200k raise is just fine…as long as it’s for the greater good.
there’s a lot more at but i’d say that settles it.
good talk russ.

I have never claimed to be anything but leftist, socialist in fact. But I don’t twist facts to support my cause as I believe you did in the post I mentioned. And you are not alone. When I wrote this post, I had been seeing a good number of blog posts, all from the right side of the political spectrum, twisting facts beyond recognition, misrepresenting references and links, and so on.

And, no, I don’t see Obama as beening anything approaching a “whore to corporations and lobbyists”. For example, at present, he is trying his best to make credit card companies stop their usurious ways and being fought all the way by very powerful corporations. At the same time, he’s taken on the insurance industry and the pharmaceuticals industry in putting forward his healthcare plans. And as if a third example was needed, he’s also taking on the big energy companies in pushing his green agenda.

Corporate campaign contributions are never totally irrelevant, but are often nearly so, since the most powerful corporate contributors base their contributions almost entirely on who they think will win with or without their contributions. They do lean somewhat Republican as only makes sense, since the Republican party’s policies tend to be in sync with what they would like done.

Michelle is nearly as highly qualified as her husband. There is nothing wrong with a qualified politician’s wife or husband having a good job.

If you get your talking points from Russ, you’re going to always be seriously misinformed, in my opinion.

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